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COVID-19 Resources

Michigan Small Business Relief Program: Grants

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Michigan Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Toolkit

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Takeout Food Safety

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Oakland County Business Relief & Resources

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State of Michigan: Guidance for Business

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Center for Disease Control

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OSHA - Preparing Your Workplace

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Village of Oxford -  Temporary Ordinance Suspension - Sign & Banners

In an effort to offer help the Village of Oxford businesses the enforcement of Zoning ordinance section 7.4.8 B 2, “Temporary Commercial Signs and Banners” Which states: “Such signs and banners shall not be displayed for more than a total of thirty consecutive days.” is temporarily suspended.  A permit for temporary signs or banners is still required but the $100 permit and application fee will be waived for this particular permit.  A completed permit for a temporary sign or banner must be completed and emailed to the Village offices at office@thevillageofoxford.org

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SBA - Disaster Loans

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Electronic ways to Communicate

Because so many important meetings have been postponed or cancelled, we understand its been difficult lately to communicate with your employees, family members, business leaders, etc. We’ve done some research for you that may help keep you in touch with all the right people following social distancing guidelines


Skype for Business:  Audio & Video Conferencing.  You will need to create a Skype account, then you’re able to sync with SharePoint in Microsoft and share media.  FREE Download


Facebook Messenger: Able to text chat, audio message, face-to-face web conferencing within the app.  May be useful for getting into contact directly with businesses through their Facebook page.  FREE


Zoom: Used by many educators currently.  Easy to use chat/audio/video available, can show screen in real-time, can be online or in app.  FREE to sign up by using email.  ZoomPlus offers more for a price. 


GoToMeeting: One-click meetings, collaboration meetings made easier, webinars available, cloud recordings, Office365 plug in.  Cost: starts at $12.00


TeamViewer: Software for audio and Video conferences, interactive screen sharing.  Cost: starts at $49.00 


Microsoft Teams: Uses SharePoint to share files in Office programs, conference calls, group chat.  FREE to those with the Office365 program package.  Cost: starts at $12.95 for others. 

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